Saturday, February 1, 2014

Everything New!!

We are currently living in Oregon City OR with my grandparents while Chris does school.  It was time for a change away from Chuck A Rama and time for Chris to get his college done.  He is currently studying to get into the nursing program at CCC up the road from us.  I am a dog groomer with PetSmart and love it!! I am doing school through the Pathway program with BYU-Idaho.  Owen is huge!! He is almost 50" tall and looks like a little linebacker.  He is doing preschool and is very very interested in learning.  Joren is growing like a little sprout.  He is mommy and daddy's little helper around the yard and loves his puppies and chickens.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8, 2011

It has been a fun filled few weeks. We have had our Corgi Sadie participating in Agility classes, which she is absolutely loving! She does extremely well off leash, making the classes a lot easier for me when Owen has had to come with us the last few times. Good thing she would just sit and stay where I told her to and I only had to chase Owen through the obstacles :) Owen loved the classes as well and was walking along with me, repeating the commands that I was giving to Sadie. We may have a future dog trainer in the making!

A few Sundays ago was fast and testimony meeting and Owen decided that he wanted to say Amen as loud as he could after each person was finished bearing their testimony. It make for a good laugh. He sure is growing fast and learning so much. He still loves to sign and says the funniest things. When he's been grumpy, he'll say "Crying so much, not good", "super grumpy" "mommy, ask nicely, please" "read Foot Book feet feet feet" "baby animal days, go pet them".
He also sings the Puppy in the Window song and even bark :)
Our neighbors upstairs have a few kids that Owen just loves to play with and they are such a great family. It's so nice to live in a nice neighborhood where Owen can play outside and to have great neighbors.
May 2nd was his birthday and he is loving the train tracks, nerf gun, trucks and books he opened up. It's so nice to see him play and enjoy 'boy' toys.

Chris is doing really well at the Chuck-a-Rama store. He's starting to get a few days off during the week, so it's nice to have him around a little more. He went golfing the other day with the General manager and he had a blast. Chuck-A-Rama will be hosting a golfing tournament for all the managers in a few months, so he wanted to get some practice in before then.

Our guppies are doing great, filling the tank with babies instead of dying, so it's a good thing. We are all enjoying Logan and the nicer weather these past few days. Soon it will be swimming weather!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Animal Days April 16, 2011

Today was a fairly nice day. Owen and I went to Wellsville's Baby Animal Days where they have a bunch of different baby animal's they can touch and hold. We rode the train a bunch of times. It was so much fun to see him look up at me just super happy and excited when the train would toot its horn in the tunnel. He also rode the pony ride a bunch of times and couldn't wait his turn:) It was super muddy so as he was trying to run away from me, he fell and covered himself in mud. Luckily, I brought an extra pair of clothes!
He was able to hold ducklings, chickens, a mini lop bunny and even baby turtles. At first he wasn't too thrilled about the turtles but then once he touched it, he was asking me to let him hold the turtle himself. The turtles were about 3 or 4 inches so they were the perfect size for his little hands.
On our way out, he wanted to see the baby calf's and they were getting ready to feed them. So they let Owen and I bottle feed the little cow and he just loved it. He was telling me the cow was silly and that it was funny how it was drinking:)

We sure loved it and I can't wait until we finally get nice consistent weather. That way Owen can play outside everyday.

Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011

The new Chuck-A-Rama store in Logan Utah is now open and doing great so far. Chris is enjoying the fast pace, food and work. He really loves working for this company and they treat him so well. Owen and I barely get to see him, so hopefully once the craziness of a new store opening, we will be able to do some fun things together.

I've been going to a church workout group named Stroller Boot Camp where other mothers and their children meet 3 mornings a week at church and we work out together. It's been nice to get out and so something without having to worry too much about Owen getting into trouble. I also try to do Zumba once or twice a week, which is lots of fun, even though I have no coordination at all.

Owen is a very busy little boy. He wants to sit on the kitchen counter, climb on everything, help do dishes (splash water everywhere by filling dishes with water and dumping it everywhere) and his newest thing is he likes to pick his nose and bring me his "ew booger" to wipe. At least he's not eating it although sometimes he tries to feed them to Sadie since that's what his Daddy taught him :/
He's gone to the bathroom in his potty a few times but we are still working on it. He is saying a bunch of words and sentences and is just doing great overall. Still a hefty little boy with lots of energy and love for his dog. I just can't wait to get nice weather to take Owen to the Zoo and let him run around. We have snow right now which is no fun!

I'm 23 weeks along with our 2nd little boy and I think my body is finally letting me know i'm pregnant. Sleep is hard to come by and Owen always is asking for me to hold him (35lb) So I am just worn out most of the time :) But we are thrilled to be a little more than halfway there. We've thought of naming him Olly and Owen always calls him Baby Joran/Jordan so we are still undecided. We both loved then name Owen and so we are having a hard time finding another boy name we love.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Job for the Q's!

Chris started his new job a few weeks ago and is enjoying it. We were hoping and waiting for the Police academy to work out but then Chris was approached by the owners of Chuck A Rama and they asked if he would be interested in management. He said yes and now he works at The Bountiful Chuck A Rama as the Service Manager. They are building a restaurant in Logan Utah sometime in the next year and Chris will be a Manager there. We are happy to have this new job and even happier to be moving to a smaller town soon.

Owen is growing super fast and Learning a bunch of new Sign Language Signs. He's saying more words and read his first word, which of course was 'dad'. He decided to go through the flash cards I made him, grabbed the one that said DAD on it, came up to me and was saying and signing it to me. He still absolutely loves his dog Sadie and likes to call her name whenever he doesn't see her. He even signs her name:) He'll sign dad and Sadie but not Mom, that's ok:)He learned what Tongue is and loves to show it whenever we ask him to show us. He loves keys and playing at the park. Yesterday, He went down a slide by himself and he just loves to climb and eat the wood chips. Sadie Even loves to go down the slides with us and she even gets to play with the kids at the park.

We are just all doing great and can't wait for the Logan store to open:)

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 2010

The Qualheim Family is doing great! Owen is keeping the three of us busy (Chris, Sadie and I)and Chris is busy with work. Chris is still working for Chuck-a-Rama and doing short sales and I get to stay home and play with Owen all day :)

As some of you may know, Chris won't be joining the Police Force for Nevada but will actually become a service manager for Chuck-a-Rama by the end of this year. Chuck-A-Rama is building a new store in the Logan, Utah area, so we will be moving there sometime around November. We are just thrilled to have him start a career this year! Chuck-A-Rama has been a great company to work for and we are just excited that they were interested in Chris and asked him if he wanted to become a manager. When one door closed, one opened and we jumped on it!

Owen is just tons of fun! He says so many words and he's only 12 and a half months old. Mom, Dad, Sadie, Ball, Mil(milk) Down, sit, sppp(speak), Mo(more), dog, kit(kitty), nan(banana) See(he points to what he's looking at)
He also can show you where his nose is when you ask and he will show us where ours is also. He loves to give super wet kisses and lots of hugs, and will stick his tongue out if we show him ours.
Chris will belch and Owen will imitate that noise:)
He is just a very active little guy that just loves his dog to pieces. He's always looking for her,laying on her, sharing his food, sharing her food,bed,cage, leash everything.

We are going on a family cruise in the middle of June and Disney Land. We're going with my dad's side of the family so we are really excited! As far as anything else exciting, thats about it:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Job

Well, Chris was offered a Manager position for chuck-A-Rama here in Utah and we are going to take it! With no new news on whether there will be a police Academy in Vegas this year, we are excited! He will start training soon and then he will become the Service Manager at the new Chuck-a-Rama that is being built in Logan, Utah.

Owen had his first ear infection but he is doing awesome. Nothing phases him :) Owen's new word is NO and he is walking on his own! He will walk from one end of the room to the other, so that is fun and exciting! Sadie is still his best friend and he loves to crawl in her cage when she's in there.

We are all doing great and are excited to have Chris start his new job so he can have a couple days off a week. We hope you are all doing great!