Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011

The new Chuck-A-Rama store in Logan Utah is now open and doing great so far. Chris is enjoying the fast pace, food and work. He really loves working for this company and they treat him so well. Owen and I barely get to see him, so hopefully once the craziness of a new store opening, we will be able to do some fun things together.

I've been going to a church workout group named Stroller Boot Camp where other mothers and their children meet 3 mornings a week at church and we work out together. It's been nice to get out and so something without having to worry too much about Owen getting into trouble. I also try to do Zumba once or twice a week, which is lots of fun, even though I have no coordination at all.

Owen is a very busy little boy. He wants to sit on the kitchen counter, climb on everything, help do dishes (splash water everywhere by filling dishes with water and dumping it everywhere) and his newest thing is he likes to pick his nose and bring me his "ew booger" to wipe. At least he's not eating it although sometimes he tries to feed them to Sadie since that's what his Daddy taught him :/
He's gone to the bathroom in his potty a few times but we are still working on it. He is saying a bunch of words and sentences and is just doing great overall. Still a hefty little boy with lots of energy and love for his dog. I just can't wait to get nice weather to take Owen to the Zoo and let him run around. We have snow right now which is no fun!

I'm 23 weeks along with our 2nd little boy and I think my body is finally letting me know i'm pregnant. Sleep is hard to come by and Owen always is asking for me to hold him (35lb) So I am just worn out most of the time :) But we are thrilled to be a little more than halfway there. We've thought of naming him Olly and Owen always calls him Baby Joran/Jordan so we are still undecided. We both loved then name Owen and so we are having a hard time finding another boy name we love.

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