Friday, July 16, 2010

New Job for the Q's!

Chris started his new job a few weeks ago and is enjoying it. We were hoping and waiting for the Police academy to work out but then Chris was approached by the owners of Chuck A Rama and they asked if he would be interested in management. He said yes and now he works at The Bountiful Chuck A Rama as the Service Manager. They are building a restaurant in Logan Utah sometime in the next year and Chris will be a Manager there. We are happy to have this new job and even happier to be moving to a smaller town soon.

Owen is growing super fast and Learning a bunch of new Sign Language Signs. He's saying more words and read his first word, which of course was 'dad'. He decided to go through the flash cards I made him, grabbed the one that said DAD on it, came up to me and was saying and signing it to me. He still absolutely loves his dog Sadie and likes to call her name whenever he doesn't see her. He even signs her name:) He'll sign dad and Sadie but not Mom, that's ok:)He learned what Tongue is and loves to show it whenever we ask him to show us. He loves keys and playing at the park. Yesterday, He went down a slide by himself and he just loves to climb and eat the wood chips. Sadie Even loves to go down the slides with us and she even gets to play with the kids at the park.

We are just all doing great and can't wait for the Logan store to open:)

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  1. I love your blog. I just discovered it. It's so newsy and has great pictures. Keep it up. Love you. Gma