Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8, 2011

It has been a fun filled few weeks. We have had our Corgi Sadie participating in Agility classes, which she is absolutely loving! She does extremely well off leash, making the classes a lot easier for me when Owen has had to come with us the last few times. Good thing she would just sit and stay where I told her to and I only had to chase Owen through the obstacles :) Owen loved the classes as well and was walking along with me, repeating the commands that I was giving to Sadie. We may have a future dog trainer in the making!

A few Sundays ago was fast and testimony meeting and Owen decided that he wanted to say Amen as loud as he could after each person was finished bearing their testimony. It make for a good laugh. He sure is growing fast and learning so much. He still loves to sign and says the funniest things. When he's been grumpy, he'll say "Crying so much, not good", "super grumpy" "mommy, ask nicely, please" "read Foot Book feet feet feet" "baby animal days, go pet them".
He also sings the Puppy in the Window song and even bark :)
Our neighbors upstairs have a few kids that Owen just loves to play with and they are such a great family. It's so nice to live in a nice neighborhood where Owen can play outside and to have great neighbors.
May 2nd was his birthday and he is loving the train tracks, nerf gun, trucks and books he opened up. It's so nice to see him play and enjoy 'boy' toys.

Chris is doing really well at the Chuck-a-Rama store. He's starting to get a few days off during the week, so it's nice to have him around a little more. He went golfing the other day with the General manager and he had a blast. Chuck-A-Rama will be hosting a golfing tournament for all the managers in a few months, so he wanted to get some practice in before then.

Our guppies are doing great, filling the tank with babies instead of dying, so it's a good thing. We are all enjoying Logan and the nicer weather these past few days. Soon it will be swimming weather!

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