Sunday, February 28, 2010

Family update Feb 28th 2010

Chris and I are excited to celebrate my Grandparent's Anniversary by going on a cruise with the whole family in June! As for the Police Academy, rumors are that they will have one in July, so we are keeping our fingers crossed! We are ready to move forward.

Owen's offical first word is Sadie (our dog)and he says mom and dad. He absolutely loves his dog and she doesn't mind all the pinching, hitting, biting, grabbing, pulling he inflicts on her:) We are really lucky to have a good dog that won't bite him at all. She's a great babysitter. He's still crawling like crazy but not walking yet. He is finally sleeping through the night!

Overall, we are all doing great. We are excited for the Summer and to do some fun activities together.

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