Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

We went to Nevada this past weekend to spend time with Chris' family for Canadian Thanksgiving.
It was a full weekend of loading hay in our trailer (1300lbs) unloading it, we dug up some horse panels we bought from a neighbor, loaded them and set them up in his parents backyard. It was a lot of work but Chris happily helped me and didn't complain too much.
We had a great dinner with family and friends and later that night we sat around a fire pit and played the guitar, roasted marshmallows and just had a great time.
My friend Esther had a baby and she was just so cute! She was 8 days old and just super tiny compared to my 21 pound chubby boy:)It was so nice to hold her little girl and see her and her family.
Chris is so sweet with Owen and is always kissing his chubby little cheeks, showing him his gun magazines and sharing his cup with him. Owen is getting into everything and is super active. He likes to go everywhere and is super curious. He's trying to crawl but hasn' t quite figured out how to move his legs and arms. He will sit up by himself for 40 seconds and then reach for something and fall over.
We're still waiting to find out which Police Academy Chris will be in. Hopefully we will find out this upcoming week but it looks like he will be in the March Academy. He's been working really hard to get into shape and get all the things he needs for the Academy. Currently he's working two jobs so that I can stay home with Owen. I'm so grateful that he's putting in so many hours so that I can stay home with him, I couldn't imagine not being with him :)

As soon as we hear from the Academy, we will let you know!

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